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Jiangsu Jiuzhi Motor Technology Co.、 Ltd. is located in Qidu Town, Wujiang District, Jiangsu Province, with Shanghai to the east, Taihu Lake to the north and Zhejiang to the west. Located in a prime location where Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai meet, it is the center of China's coastal and Yangtze River Delta economic circles. It is a professional manufacturer of ultra-high efficiency rare earths integrating design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and technical services. Magnetic synchronous motor business.
The company is equipped with production methods of stamping, coil winding, VPI impregnation, baking, total assembly and commissioning, and has developed ultra-high efficiency, self-starting three-phase rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor XY series with independent intellectual property rights. The pilot and pilot tests completed the process adaptability test, energy saving rate test, and operational reliability test, which were approved by the user and entered the industrialization stage.
The company has a research and development team that has long been engaged in the design, research, and manufacture of national special motors and rare earth permanent magnet motors. The company's team has been working on the key technologies that restrict the development of rare earth permanent magnet motors: optimizing the rotor magnetic circuit structure innovation and design. Researches on advanced manufacturing processes, researching scientific test methods, and reducing costs have yielded encouraging results.
The leadership of the company has the capability of innovation awareness and market development, combined with a very flexible and dynamic operating mechanism, is making the transition from a private enterprise to a high-tech enterprise. The company implements the sales model of direct sales. Under the leadership of the sales department, it establishes control and management of the sales network, formulates corresponding agency agreements, and can track the end users of permanent magnet motors.
Energy-saving and emission-reduction is the national policy. The implementation of the “Energy Efficiency Improvement Plan” by the motor is a national action. Jiangsu Jiuzhi Motor Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for social responsibility and delivers energy-saving benefits to millions of households. We are in a hurry to meet energy-saving needs and take the initiative. Actively invest funds in research and development of ultra-high efficiency permanent magnet motors, strictly control product quality, improve service quality, and make our due contributions to expanding users' energy-saving transformation and implementing improvement of motor energy efficiency.
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