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Gold Medal Lecturer Arrives at Kyushu Motor Co., Ltd. The "Real Implementation" speech was successfully held

Gold Medal Lecturer Arrives at Kyushu Motor Co., Ltd. The "Real Implementation" speech was successfully held

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With the rapid development in the past two years, Jiangsu Jiuzhi Motor Technology Co., Ltd. has made a major breakthrough in personnel scale, and education and training have also become a key point, because this is the source of the company's growth and development. Invited the Gold Medal Lecturer Wu Guangzhao of Convergence Investment Co., Ltd. to come to the company to give everyone an impassioned, in-depth training - "Real Execution."
This training class was highly valued by the company’s leaders, and all departments and employees of the company also gave strong support. The company leaders took time out of his busy schedule and participated in the training. In the course of teaching, everyone concentrates on listening and taking notes seriously.
In the class, Wu Guang reading teacher told us that the improvement of executive power is not only to improve work efficiency, but also pay attention to the effect of work, the quantity and quality of the work completed within the established time; the work is completed fast enough, high enough, beautiful enough However, in the wrong direction, there is no effect for the entire organization. Therefore, the low work efficiency may be the problem of the staff. If the work is not effective, it must be that the management level of the leader needs to be improved.
Wu Guang reading teacher made us realize that every employee is the smallest unit in a huge organization, an indispensable screw in a high-speed running enterprise machine, and only when every employee's execution power is improved, the entire organization Only by being able to be full of vigor and possessing the ability to operate at high efficiency, but to maintain a strong competitive situation in the competition of the times, Wu Guang reading teacher told us to enhance the execution force with particular emphasis on several factors:
1. Responsibility thinking: - The root of the cut lies in me
2. Results thinking: achievements with performance can be called results
3. Wolf thinking: Survival of the fittest
Everyone listened to Wu Guangyi’s speech “Real Implementation” and was deeply inspired. The company’s strategy + executive power of employees = corporate development, three-point strategy, and seven-point execution. The company’s development goals ultimately depend on the practical activities of employees. It is a necessary condition for the success of an enterprise's execution through the enterprise's executive power to turn the enterprise development blueprint into a reality. The success of a company cannot be separated from its good execution.
After the class ended, we warmly thanked Wu Guangyong for bringing us such a wonderful course. After this training, we were able to reflect on our working attitude. We will use the contents of this teacher's lecture in the next work. We will work harder to upgrade ourselves and make our own contribution to the company's great development.