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Shandong's first standard intelligent substation put into operation

Shandong's first standard intelligent substation put into operation

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Recently, the State Grid Corporation of China pilot project, Shandong Province, the first standard distribution intelligent substation - Jining 110 kV Zhongkai substation power transmission success.

Zhongkai Railway Station is the first pilot project of a standard intelligent station constructed and managed by a local city company. The Shandong State Power Company of the State Grid required the creation of Shandong characteristics and highlights. Through the joint efforts of all parties involved in the construction of Jining Power Supply Company and overcoming the difficulties of new technology, tight schedules, and heavy tasks, the construction task was completed with high standards and high quality within a short period of 4 months.

The station broke through the challenges of small margins and tight line corridors in the narrow urban core area; it broke the previous plane layout model adopted by the pilot stations and greatly reduced the area occupied by the three-dimensional layout. The company has accumulated valuable experience in the construction of standard intelligent substations.

Different from the traditional substation electrical layout, civil engineering design and construction mode, the station will be upgraded to a factory prefabrication and modular assembly mode. Earthwork backfills, roadbeds, building foundations, etc. require on-site wet operations, and the rest are assembled on site.

This mode has a short production cycle, less on-site wet work, and less manpower and material resources; the entire station uses a complete set of electrical equipment, small size, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and debugging; the use of plug-in cable terminal, to achieve a The secondary equipment "plug and play"; compared with the conventional substation construction model, the total station area and construction period are greatly compressed.

China Kaigao Station plans to install 3 sets of 50,000 kVA on-load voltage regulator main transformers, install 2 sets of this period; 2 sets of 110 kV outgoing line plans, 2 sets of current construction, 36 sets of 10 kV outgoing lines, current issue Construction 24 times. After the station is put into operation, it will provide reliable power guarantee for the key project of Wanda Plaza in Jining City, which can effectively relieve the power supply pressure of the 110 kV substation in the eastern outskirts of the city. It is of great significance for optimizing the structure of the power grid in Jining City and ensuring the reliable use of electricity in urban development.

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