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Rare earth permanent magnet motor and drive system boost the development of new energy vehicles

Rare earth permanent magnet motor and drive system boost the development of new energy vehicles

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Xinhuanet Xi'an, March 3rd (Reporter Peng Hong) In today's energy conservation, environmental protection, sustainable development has become a national development strategy, Shaanxi Province recently organized the identification of new scientific and technological achievements rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor and drive system attracts attention.

According to experts, in order to meet the needs of energy saving and environmental protection development strategies, domestic companies have increasingly invested in new energy vehicles and their core components. As one of the core components, motor and motor controller related technology products have changed with each passing day. Some professional and industrial companies have also formed a wide variety of products. The core technology team of Shaanxi Juppe Control Technology Co., Ltd. organized a public relations team for related issues. After more than five years of research, it independently developed a rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor and drive system. The expert group appraisal believes that this system product is highly energy-efficient, highly reliable, and has good controllability. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level and has broad market application prospects, which will promote the rapid development of new energy vehicles.

The expert group believes that this product uses a number of advanced technologies, such as the use of FPGA-based core control technology in the drive, multi-parallel drive structure; parallel multi-winding structure, anti-ablative, rotor heat dissipation Water cooling structure design and other key technologies.

It is understood that the technology of this system has won a number of national invention and utility model patents; in July 2013, the product also passed the test of the Electric Vehicle Engineering Technology Center of Beijing Institute of Technology, and the system efficiency reached over 95%. In addition to new energy automotive applications, this product technology can also be applied to industrial equipment, military industry and other fields.

At present, Jabil has established strategic partnerships with several new energy automobile manufacturers in China. At the workshop of the rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor and drive system application technology organized by Jabil, relevant experts discuss hot topics in the industry and new energy sources. The direction of automotive development has been extensively exchanged. The excellent performance of this product technology has been recognized by the user, and the product already has mass production capacity. In addition, a number of domestic new energy automobile manufacturers and Jabil have reached cooperation intentions.

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